Particular care is taken when constructing facilities for our youngest customers. Children are the most demanding group of customers, but their joy and fun they get from playing on the ropes gives us a lot of satisfaction. Providing interesting and creative forms of physical activity, psycho-motoric development of children and enabling them to conquer their small weaknesses became the mission of our company. That is why in our offer you can find also products designed especially for children at the age of 3-12. With a broad range of technologies we can construct all our facilities by using natural tree stand with an appropriate statistics, wooden or steel pillars or any other load-bearing structure. Our products can be used both outdoor and indoor.


All objects are certified and meet the requirements of the norms:
PN-EN: 15567-1 Rope Courses – Construction and safety requirements
PN-EN: 1176  Playground equipment and surfacing

Mini Parks

These are the facilities consisting of various rope obstacles secured by means of certified nets. These are the places where children overcome rope bridges, tunnels, climb the net, go over the hanging footbridges for the first time.

Available for children over 3. Height of the installation 1.5-2.5 m. Difficulty level of obstacles – very easy. Instructor supervision required.

Low Rope Routes

They are often an addition to rope routes of adventure type and rope mini-park. That is where toddlers wear harnesses and helmets for the first time and learn how to use the mountain equipment.

Availability - for children over 6. Height of the installation 1.5–3 m. Difficulty level of obstacles – easy. Instructor supervision required.

Rope Playgrounds

These are facilities adjusted to commercial use without instructor supervision. They function as a playground, however in a totally new version. Their characteristic feature is high resistance to vandalism and high operating factor. At present we are working on two types of rope playgrounds. The first one is a rope mini-park lowered to the height of 1 m. Instead of safety grids safe, underground is applied (rubber mats, forest chips, gravel, sand). The second type includes a system of rope obstacles suspended just above the ground.

Individual Playgrounds

Upon customer request individual facilities designed and adapted to the investors’ requirements are built. The facilities may be of different shape and style.

Tyrolean Traverse For Children

Zip-lines are elements enjoying the greatest popularity among children. Therefore several different solutions for zip-lining have been developed. These can be single Tyrolean traverses, elements of parks for children and multi-Tyrolean systems.

Internal Parks For Children

We offer a wide range of products used for creating a new volume facility from scratch or to complete already existing playrooms, sports halls, recreational facilities or shopping malls.