We create modern, diverse, but first of all safe rope facilities. We start our activities from recognizing the market needs, evaluating the capacity of the location, determining the target group and then we create a concept of the facility in the form of 3D visualisation which is subsequently presented to the investors. Whenever we do that, we want our facility to be as much interesting as possible, standing out among competitive facilities, but we do have in mind that it has to be user friendly and generate low operating costs at the same time.

In rope parks constructed by our company we use materials and elements providing the highest safety level, therefore we encourage our investors to apply a continuous belay system (without switching between obstacles) or system with an integrated lanyard that does not allow for the loosening of both carabiners at the same time. With such modern technologies the facility can provide safe operations not only for individual customers, but also for the organized school groups, trips, etc. without any concerns of tutors about the safety of children.

Apart from safety we know that our customers pay attention also to the type and diversity of obstacle configuration in rope parks. Therefore in our base investors can find over 100 various obstacles, and if they will not manage to find the type of obstacle they would like to construct, we can design it especially for them, if the park should have its own individual character, e.g. marine, highlander, western.

We construct facilities by using natural tree stand with an appropriate statistics and technology of wooden or steel pillars. Wooden pillars can be mounted on concrete foundations by means of steel brackets or specially protect wood by 4. vacuum pressure impregnation and insert directly into the ground.

All objects are certified and meet the requirements of the norm:

PN-EN: 15567-1 Rope Courses – Construction and safety requirements


The most popular and common are rope routes in the self-belay system. The routes with different difficulty levels of obstacles are intended for a wide range of individual participants and organized groups.


Facilities usually constructed on piles, designed to serve organized groups, schools, companies and offering multistage, educational rope programs. Apart from having great fun participants may learn basic rope techniques with mutual participant belaying of top rope type.


Routes with tailored made obstacles allowing to tackle them only in pairs. Such routes constitute a perfect addition to rope park offers as well as great fun for families, friends and organized groups. Let’s remember that having good time always tastes better together!!!


Routes consisting of a system of several long zip-lines. For their construction special rollers and breaking systems are applied. They are one of the most favourite forms of rope recreation. Our offer includes also special system of long-distance zip-lines called ZIP LINER