We assure our investors with comprehensive services at any stage of the investment process related to the construction of rope parks and other recreational facilities.

    This is the first, but at the same time the most important step in the construction of rope parks. Together with the investor we collect as much information as possible on the potential investment. We analyse market needs, target group of customers, individual character of the location as well as its potential so as to ensure that the facility is as perfect as a well-tailored suit paying attention to each and every detail.
  2. IDEA
    On the basis of the information collected we design a conceptual project in the form of 3D visualisation of the future investment. Such a graphic presentation helps the investor to visualize how the project would look like. For us it is an auxiliary material which will give us the possibility to estimate the costs of project implementation.
    In order to ensure that our project meets formal requirements we cooperate with a land surveyor, dendrologist, geologist and other specialists. Depending on the requirements resulting from the construction law, we perform the project as a whole in order to obtain a building permit or to declare the project as one that does not need a building permit. Of course the project includes the complete design, architectural and descriptive documentation.
    At this stage our assembly teams start to construct the rope park. All our workers are appropriately qualified and have sufficient experience necessary for the construction of such complex facilities, often in extremely hard conditions. All materials used have required certificates, declarations of conformity attached to the acceptance documentation of the facility. During the construction process we also perform many tests and measurements in order to optimize the final effect.
    Before the facility is put into use an acceptance procedure must be carried out. The quality and correct performance of our installations are verified by organizations such as: TÜV, UDT, TDT and other authorized to carry out such activities. As a result of the acceptance procedure we are granted a certificate under which we can give the investor a declaration of conformity of the product with the existing norms:
    • PN-EN: 15567-1 Rope Courses – Construction and Safety Requirements
    • PN-EN 1176  Playground equipment and surfacing

    Within the scope of our activities we ensure the delivery of the highest quality equipment for instructors, customers and rescue equipment. The next step is training conducted by our team who apart from necessary authorisations have sufficient knowledge and experience in such a specialized field as rope parks. The training usually takes 2 days and ends with an exam.
    For our investors we also provide inspection and maintenance services of our facilities. Pursuant to the applicable provisions facilities such as rope parks and similar should be subject to annual inspection type B, which is an interim inspection. Not only the facility itself, but also mountaineering equipment is subject to inspection procedures. We also provide warranty and post-warranty service.