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Adventure Park

This is the most popular kind of rope park. These parks consist mostly of a few rope routes of various difficulty levels. We recommend the use of constant belaying, which does not require refastening between particular positions. The truss can be either trees or wooden posts.

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Smart Park

Modern, interestingly designed and most importantly non-attendance and fully safe rope park. Smart Park is the first rope centre of its kind. It can be used not only by children and youth but also by adults and the elderly. The Smart Park Project is a perfect solution for public space, recreational areas, theme parks as well as hotels and resorts.

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Kids Park

Particular care is taken when constructing facilities for our youngest customers. Children are the most demanding group of customers, but their joy and fun they get from playing on the ropes gives us a lot of satisfaction. Providing interesting and creative forms of physical activity, psycho-motoric development of children and enabling them to conquer their small weaknesses became the mission of our company. That is why in our offer you can find also products designed especially for children at the age of 3-12.

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In our rope parks of Adventure type, we recommend use of the system of continue belaying system. It consists of steel elements holding a steel wire rope on trees or posts and a system grip connected with the lanyard of the user. The client clips to the 'rope of life' being still on the ground and next, without refastening between particular positions, he/she can go along all the route of the rope park.

Balance Park

This is an alternative for common, typical playgrounds. Balance Park is a zone of rope activity targeted at children and youth. Firm, steel construction based on a triangle module provides unlimited possibilities of architectural composition. Interesting and diversified rope obstacles of varied difficulty degree are installed 0.5 m above the ground.

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Indoor Park

We have adjusted rope parks, which are usually associated with having fun on trees, to indoor conditions. Such parks are based on steel constructions fixed to the floor or to the roof or ceiling. Indoor parks are interesting completion of indoor playgrounds, trampoline parks, recreational centres as well as shopping centres.

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Tree Walking

Walk in treetops is a specially designed set of view-recreational routes. Visitors can admire a forest and other sceneries from a completely different perspective. Tree Walking routes are created using hanging bridge technology or footbridges in the shape of a forest jetty. It is also possible to combine both technologies. Interesting complementing elements are educational cottages, games and rebuses, observation points and amusement elements.

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Complex service

We design
We construct
We train

We offer a complex accomplishement of investment projects starting with the design, through completing the investment to training and providing the software for rope park management.

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Eco Fun

This is a series of creative devices which can be configured in one big theme park or can be bought separately. The attractions are made of natural materials and have a modern and ecological design. A great variety of such devices is dedicated to users of any age from very young children to adults.

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Adventure Tower

We design and construct multi-purpose towers ranking from observation towers to adventure type facilities. Observation towers must have their individual character and are mostly an architectural ornament of a given area, whereas adventure type towers constitute mostly a combination of observation with fun and recreation. The elements of attraction we can create for such facilities include:

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ZIP Liner

The system of multiple rope descents ZIP Liner was designed especially for long-distance zip-lines. By using modern technology related to user braking and descent speed control we can ensure the highest safety level, at the same time providing unforgettable experience for users. When using zip-line our customers can reach speeds of even 100 km/h.

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