Construction of Rope Parks

Our investors are provided with complex services on every stage of the investment process during building a rope park or other recreational objects.

    This is the first but very important step in the process of building a rope park. Together with the investor, we collect all the possible information on the potential investment. We analyse the market needs, target group, individual conditions of the place and its potential so that the object will be tailored with every detail.
    On the basis of the gathered information we design a concept project in the form of a 3D visualisation of the future investment. This is to help the investor to get the real feeling of what the accomplished object will look like. For us, this is the material which enables us to define the approximate cost of accomplishing the object.
    In order to make our project fulfill formal requirements for co-operation, we must invite a surveyor, dendrologist, geologist or other necessary experts. Depending on the building law requirements, we execute the overall project to enable obtaining a building permit or submission of the object which does not require a building permit. The project includes all the building, architectural, and descriptive documentation.
    This is the stage where our construction team start building the rope park. All our employees have proper qualifications and experience needed for constructing specialist objects often in very difficult conditions. All the used materials have certificates, declarations of conformity attached with the control acceptance documentation of the object. During the building we carry out lots of tests and measurements to optimise the final effect.
    Before the object becomes open to use, final inspection is to be executed. The quality and correctness of our installations are controlled by such organizations as TUV, UTD, TDT and others authorised to carry out such actions. The result of the  final inspection is a certificate which is the basis for us to issue the declaration of conformity for the product in accordance with the relevant standards:
    • PN-EN: 15567-1 Rope Tracks - Building and Safety Requirements
    • PN-EN 1176 Equipment for Playgrounds and Surfaces
    Our operation includes delivery of the highest quality equipment for instructors, clients as well as evacuation equipment. The next stage is training conducted by our instructors, who besides the necessary qualifications have a great knowledge and experience in the specialist field of rope parks. Training usually lasts two days and ends with an exam.
    We provide our investors with control servicing and servicing our objects. According to the law in force, such objects as rope parks and similar ones are to be inspected yearly with a periodic control of type B. The inspection procedure refers not only to the object itself but also to climbing equipment. We provide also guarantee and post-guarantee service.