The system of multiple rope descents ZIP Liner was designed especially for long-distance zip-lines. By using modern technology related to user braking and descent speed control we can ensure the highest safety level, at the same time providing unforgettable experience for users. When using zip-line our customers can reach speeds of even 100 km/h.

The whole structure of ZIP Liner consists of two stations, lower and upper, connected without support by means of zip-lines with a diameter of 14-18 mm. Depending on the configuration of the area the stations can be placed directly on the ground or be several meters high (form of a tower). An additional element is a transport rope connected with a winch. The winch gives staff members the possibility to easily transport equipment elements of users from lower onto the upper station.


This is the most important feature of our structures. Our basic element having direct influence on safety is a special descender equipped with centrifugal brakes which ensures the limited approaching speed in three options: 40, 60 or 80 km/h. However arriving at the lower station at any of these options would not ensure full safety. Therefore another most important element is the system of progressive braking Zipstop. It consists in placing a braking gate several meters before the landing area. The participant arriving at the gate is automatically attached to the Zipstop system which by means of magnetic brakes stops gently each customer using the attraction regardless of their weight and descent speed.