About Us

Project Outdoor is a team of specialists in the field of rope parks. We deal with complex realization of recreational objects, especially rope parks, though we also undertake creating more complex projects including towers, tracks in treetops, long-distance ziplines, etc. Each task is treated individually considering plenty of factors which may have an impact on the final success of the investment. Thank to our 15-year long experience we can freely optimize elements of the project, in order to effectively use the place and potential of the investment and the budget available.

So far we have designed and constructed over 100 rope objects. Most of them have been built in Poland and The Czech Republic where the company has its branches. However, we have been noticed on the European and world market. Owing to this fact, we have been trusted by investors from Canada, Germany, Denmark, Lithuania as well as Pakistan, Jordan or China.

Below there is a list of our accomplished investments: