In rope parks developed by our company safety is always a critical factor. That is why we apply solutions and technologies ensuring the highest safety level. All our constructions include static documentation prepared by means of the German specialists program Dlubal for structural engineering analysis.

Our company is a partner of the European Ropes Course Association. Our workers participate in regular training courses and workshops for upgrading skills and knowledge.

Construction of rope parks and other facilities is conducted solely in compliance with applicable regulations and norms, such as:
PN-EN: 15567-1 Rope courses. Construction and safety requirements
PN-EN 1176  Playground equipment and surfacing

All our facilities are subject to careful examinations, tests and trials performed by us and inspectors from authorized organizations certifying recreational facilities, such as: TÜV, UDT, TDT and others.


Our investors are encouraged to apply modern solutions to protect users of rope parks against falls from height. At present we are using three most advanced safety systems available on the world market:

  • Continuous Belay System                                                                                                                                                
    Participants are attached to the protection rope by means of a system carabiner or roller and as a result they cannot switch between different attractions but only move the hook through the steel clamps installed on trees or pillars.
  • Controlled Bifurcation System   
    In this case participants can switch freely between obstacles however the moment of switching is controlled by an integrated lanyard that does not allow for the loosening of both carabiners at the same time.
  • Safety nets 
    They are mostly used in rope parks for children where rope obstacles are surrounded by such safety nets.